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ADRIANA MIRANDA was born in Phoenix, AZ and moved to Oak Park, IL with her family at age five.


Adriana expressed her creative prowess early in life through music and art. At 15, she received a scholarship to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and found new creative meaning through her impressionist instructor, Katherine Jost, who introduced her to Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Adriana’s coming-of-age involved Basquiat, her father’s house music expertise, her love for learning, and lots of video games. Her adulthood has been shaped by the chance to reclaim her childhood through parenting.

Adriana’s neo-expressionism style works alongside the bright light that nostalgia brings to our lives. She often jokes that Steve from Blue’s Clues is her biggest inspiration besides David Choe and Basquiat. Her work is meant for viewers to reflect on their own lives and what simple things bring them joy.

Today, Adriana is working to make a statement in the fine art industry about the power of memory and letting go. 

Photo taken by Jamie C Parker

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